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The "Rift" currency can be divided into three kinds: silver, gold or platinum. RIFT platinum is the biggest monetary unit, the game trading is used RIFT platinum primarily also. Therefore RIFT platinum is very important for the players.

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RIFT: Planes of Telara
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When ordering, please ensure that your character name exactly right.
When delivery, our traders will send in-game tell to you before RIFT platinum delivery, if you offline, they will send the RIFT platinum to your in-game mail.


There are often cheats impersonating us, ask you to return your rift platinum in game. Please remember: We will always ask you to come on the live help or email to discuss any issue about rift platinum, never in game, don't give away your rift platinum to someone claiming to be Playersaid, no matter any situation. Buy rift platinum from here, you can enjoy best customer service ever! If you have any questions, do feel free to come to live chat and ask help! We're here for you all around the block! Enjoy your time here, best wishes for you.

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What is your delivery method for rift platinum for sale?

We prefer face to face transaction mode which is much safer than mail mode. After your order is confirmed, our delivery person will find you in the game and then whisper you and deliver your gold to you as fast as we can. Even if you're not available to login the game and receive the gold, don't worry, just give us a rain check and we will choose another proper time to finish the delivery. Have fun from our website!

Can I get the rift platinum less than 10 minutes?

Most rift platinum order we can delivery in 10 minutes and almost all orders will be done in 24 hours. Since we began our business of rift platinum, we have done everything we could that offering rift platinum with fast delivery. All our delivery staff is professional and responsible, we know what you need and how we can save your time. As soon as your order is confirmed, we would send cheap rift platinum to you immediately! Now you can say goodbye to these annoying wait in the old days! The normal situations will never come back! A new time is coming.

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